The Avenger

A race car once told this guy that he is no good for racing. That he’s a rusty old motor grader. Well, years later, hes all souped up, pissed and ready to kick some ass.
Modeled in maya, Uv’s in uvlayout , illustrator, photoshop and mari for texturing. Vray for rendering and photoshop again for some tweaking.

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The City of hieghts



Comp2 copyCamparison copyNewComp2 copy


Hey guys, Ive been working on and off on this project for some time now. Modeled in Maya and brought back to max for rendering. Hope you like what I’ve been upto.

The watch tower looking structure was texture painted in mudbox and rendered using renderman in maya.

its been a while since i posted anything so i updated with some of the WIP renders from this project.

Dunya Tv Ramzan Branding 2012

I lead a group of 3-5 people for this project that we did for Dunya Television Ramzan Branding.
I was responsible for handling the project right from start to final delivery. Which also included planning, visual development, scene assembly, modeling, rendering and compositing.
It was an amazing learning experience and i had a lot of fun on the project.
Thanks for Watching and further details will be added soon to show a little bit of design process and making of the project.

Making and some WIP details

Design Sheet copyDesign Sheet2Design Sheet 3

New Year Resolution..

Firstly, get some proper sleep.

And secondly i am going to focus more and more on research and development this year.

I have some raw concepts in mind that i want to work on.

But first, get hands on with the Maya API.

Yesterday i setup MS visual studio for Maya plugin development.

It was pretty straight forward(ofcors, you realize this after doing it) but it took me a couple of hours to figure things out.

Here are some notes just for my own memory and anybody seeking quick instructions about how to setup MS visual studio for Maya.

1) If you want to develop plugins for Maya 2010,2011 or 2012. You’d need MS visual studio 2008 SP1(V 9.0). (I set it up for Maya 2012)

2) If you have development kit installed with your Maya installation. Autodesk have supplied you with a Maya plugin project preset for MS visual studio. If you open visual studio and choose that preset. A new wizard will open and ask you some necessary questions to efficiently set all the libraries and links to the API.  For example, For what maya version, you want to compile the plugin?. What Maya libraries would to want to import?.

So for MS visual studio, to be able to load that preset, you’d want to copy that ms visual studio project preset from your Maya installation to your visual studio installation directory.

Its a zip file named “MayaPluginWizard2.0” . Go to your Maya installation directory. There is a folder named “devkit”. In that folder there is another folder named “pluginwizard”.

So relative path to it would be something like –   MayaInstallationDirectory\devkit\pluginwizard\

Absolute path in my case for Maya 2012 64bit was –   C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\devkit\pluginwizard

3) Unzip the file. The zip extractor would give you a new folder named “MayaPluginWizard2.0”.  Go into that folder and you’d find another folder named “MayaPluginWizard”.

Copy this folder to

Relative path : Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0 installation directory\VC\VCWizards

Absolute path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\VCWizards

Go into that folder And you’d find another folder named “MayaPluginWizard” , along with 3 more files there. Following are the names of those 3 files.

i)  MayaPluginWizard.ico

ii) MayaPluginWizard.vsdir

iii) MayaPluginWizard.vsz

4) Copy the above mentioned 3 files to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\vcprojects”.

So thats it.

Now hopefully if everything went fine. When you start visual studio and start a new project. You’d find a “Maya Plugin Wizard” icon under “Visual C++”.

learn about Maya API. write some code. Compile it and it’ll give you a .mll file. Copy that file into your maya plugin folder and load the plugin(through maya plugin manager) in maya to test it after restarting maya(or you can browse, load, unload the plugin from the plugin manager. Ofcors this one is easy!).

And there you go.

So now, i am going to re-write my tree designer tool in C++ as a proper plugin. And hopefully get some speed advantage in rendering and designing.

Its going to be fun. A lot of math,physics and computers are going on these days. And i am learning a LOT.

So happy coding everyone and thanks for visiting.

“Complete Maya Programming” by david A. Gould(Vol 1 and 2) are amazing resources to learn Maya API.(Just in case, i thought)

Note: Always run MS Visual studio by right clicking and “run as administrator”. Otherwise maya plugin wizard will give you an error saying “project upgrade failed”.


So the 3d version is done.

It took me less time than i expected to go from 2d to 3d. Half an hour may be(after i had it solved in my mind).

Going to do a Gui now. Basically change some parameters and design the thing.

Then i have to optimize the code to make it work faster. Right now the code is so messy that it takes some 4-6 seconds to generate one iteration. My target is to get it to 1 second maximum.

Then I’ll try to convert this prototype code in python as it is faster than MEL. Lots of stuff in my mind. I could use the same procedure in procedural city generation. Gases may be. Shaders..

Lots of stuff in my mind.

Lsystems – Update2

So i worked on that tree plugin.

So far i’ve the following results(Snapshot).

Some thoughts:

1): Right now its 2d. But doing a 3d version of this isn’t very difficult. may be couple of hours.

2): Mesher!. How do i generate a mesh out of these curves?. I remember reading somewhere about a free available mesher. If anyone know any available mesher or API. please let me know

3): I was thinking that if i generate the main trunk first and then generate secondary and tertiary branches in accordance with the trunk. I could get separate data for each of them to animate them in growing kind of fashion. May b!. May b not!. lets c!

4): Right now this is case A=AB and B=A. I’ve seen some implementations on the internet and i really think that the single case A=AB looks more natural tree than what i’ve done.

5): Its all just just changing parameters here and there to get different results. So i am thinking about doing a GUI kinda interface, so that different variations can be done in small amount of time. You just change a couple of parameters to make it spread or squeeze.

6): Mathematically, this right now, is like “just do it no matter what”. But that’s exactly what i am doing right now. Simpler the better. may be!,  I don’t know!

That’s it!.

There you go!

-Update- More variations added.

Function Plots and Lsystems

So that day i was visiting Thiago Costa’s website (Founder of Lagoa Technologies). And i saw that he plotted some interesting functions. And he also posted a video of those functions applied as a force field on particles.

So i kinda liked the concept as i already envy development, I plotted some really simple ones. And boy it is FUN!.

Then after a few days i read something about fractles(Lsystems). So i also tried to do some really simple branching structures and it was easier than i expected(although my math kinda sucks). So now i am thinking to do a plugin or something to procedurally generate a tree like branching structure in Maya. I read a paper on Walt Disney research website that their proprietary vegetation tool is quite art direct able. So i am thinking that a mixture of parameters and curves would give it the ability of being art direct able?. And what about dynamics?. Attach a maya solver or build its own. I remember from a production focus on cgsociety that MPC wrote their own solver for the shot where harry and ron crash onto the tree at Hogwarts with their flying car. I’ll try to find something about that. Lots of things in my mind!

Cant really see where i would NOT use these simple little tools, when solving problems. These are so simple/General and yet so powerful. I’ve talked to my team lead at office and may be we’ll do it as an office project. That way i get to spend some time on development(officially that is!) and the company can have some of its proprietary tools. Man! would i love to get this Creative+Development culture going at office.

So here are some simple little snapshots that i’d like to show you guys. If you guys have any thoughts, please let me know




Dunya Tv Re-Branding

Hey guys,

So, We have been very busy doing rebranding for our channel(Dunya News).

It is officially on air from today(December, 10th).

I hope you guys like the new look.

Software used: 3ds Max Vray Photoshop After effects

Credits: 3d Artist: Azeem Khan

TL Animations: Zohaib Anwar

Manager Creative: Haris Iqbal

Calligraphist: Sir Ghulam Rasool Akhtar

Thanks to the whole creative department for their feedback and suggestions.



Ramzan Programming

We’ve been busy doing Ramadan packaging last month.
So here’s what I’ve been working on.

Top: Madinay ko jayen
Bottom : Zaabta-e-Hayaat

I used 3ds max for modeling, vray for rendering and after effects for composting.

3d Artist: Azeem Khan
Manager Creative: Haris Iqbal
Calligraphist: Sir Ghulam Rasool Akhtar
Thanks to the whole creative department for their feedback and suggestions.

Light and comp Test

Top :> Quickly just placed model and did generic texture to do this little comp and light test.
Bottom :> Did this render for Dream Gardens Lahore. Only lighting and rendering are done by me.
Vray for rendering and Photoshop for composite.

Canon2 – Space Scooter

This started as a follow up of my image “Canon”.
But as you can see it has evolved into some kind of flying scooter.
“Alhamdulillah-e-rabil-aalameen” is there to depict the concept that if a Muslim would have made this, he would have said “Praise be to the king”. That’s how we roll. lolz
My friends say that the thing looks like an iron, some say its like a shoe.
In any case, let me know 🙂
Modeled with Maya and rendered with renderman. Compositing in Photoshop.
Turntable3 (00032) copy

Porsche Making

As promised, here i am with a little tiny making of the image “Porsche”
Maya was primarily used to model the car. Then it was brought into 3ds max for rendering.
The renderer used to render the images was vray and i guess the render time was approximately 15,20 minutes per image.
Some simple vray materials for Car, windows glasses and lights etc. I really try to keep things simple and clean. Simple standard materials, Omni lights. There is very small use of vray lights in my images and i rarely use very high density GI solutions.
The most important thing when lighting a scene are the highlights. One should give special attention to the character, those highlights are bringing out of a model/scene. And the overall color tone and lighting should complement each other.(That is one’s artistic choice)
As I’ve mentioned above that i used simple vray material for car. No fancy high reflection samples were used. I’d like to mention here that i didn’t intend to give the car paint look (that’s too generic you see).
I did a total of 5,6 candle models and painted them on the floor randomly.
“Vray Fast SSS2” material was used for candles(It really asks the user to get used to it before producing something that looks nice).
I exported just one fumefx simulation and used it for all the candles. Although i recall that i did some offsetting for the flames so that they look random.
Composite was done in photoshop. Just a lot of duplicating layers, adjusting curves, blur here and there.
So thats about it i think.
I’ll update this post if i’d find other material to share.
R. Azeem Khan


Hey Guys,
l made this model for my short movie project(although it is far away from the actual design). I was doing a 3d illustration and got carried away. So this came out.
I think its good for a quick breather.
This isn’t supposed to represent any of the Porsche breed of cars.
I kinda liked all of them. So i made this car a mixture of all of them.
I hope you guys like it.
Comments and critiques are most welcome.
Maya for modeling. Max(Vray) for rendering. And photoshop for composite.